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Regional Analysis

by Nick Dobbins
January 2014

Monthly analysis is based on unadjusted employment data.

Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

Employment in the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington MSA slipped 8,700 (0.5 percent) over the month of December and was up 35,180 (2.0 percent) over the year. Private employment dropped 7,307 (0.5 percent) for the month and was up 33,252 over the year (2.2 percent). Government employment slipped 832 (0.4 percent) in December and was up 1,928 (0.8 percent) for the year. Five private sectors lost jobs in December. Mining, Logging, and Construction lost the most jobs (down 8,277, 12.3 percent) followed by Leisure and Hospitality (down 3,066, 1.9 percent). The other job losers were Other Services (down 589, 0.8 percent), Educational and Health Services (down 1,103, 0.4 percent), and Professional and Business Services (down 347, 0.1 percent). The big job gainer was Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (up 4,284, 1.3 percent). Manufacturing added 970 (0.5 percent), while Information added 173 (0.4 percent), and Financial Activities employment was up 117 (0.1 percent). Local Government cut 842 jobs (0.5 percent). All private sectors added jobs over the year with Educational and Health Services (13,320), Leisure and Hospitality (4,511), Mining, Logging, and Construction (4,182), Trade (4,182), Professional and Business Services (3,511), and Manufacturing (3,210) leading the way. Government employment is up 1,928 from a year ago, the majority of the growth occurring in Local Government Education (up 1,682).

Duluth -Superior MSA

Employment declined 733 (0.5 percent) over the month but increased 1,656 (1.3 percent) over the year. Over the month Private Sector employment dipped 882 (0.5 percent), while Government employment rose 149 (0.6 percent). Only three private sectors expanded payroll numbers in December. Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (61), Financial Activities (36) and Other Services (22) reported job gains. The big monthly job losers were Mining, Logging, and Construction (378), Professional and Business Services (186), Educational and Health Services (172), and Manufacturing (142). Most of the Public Sector job gain was in Local Government (87). Over the year the Private Sector added 1,656 jobs (1.3 percent), while Government employment inched up by 59 jobs (0.2 percent). Other Services employment fell the most over the year (282, 4.8 percent), while Leisure and Hospitality added the most jobs (1,643, 12.3 percent).

Rochester MSA

Employment tailed off in December with jobs dropping by 318 (0.3 percent), leaving the over-the-year employment increase at 932 (0.9 percent). Government employment rose 138 (1.3 percent) over the month, but Private Sector employment dropped 0.5 percent (456 jobs). Job cuts were highest in Mining, Logging, and Construction (down 394, 11.5 percent) and Manufacturing (down 167, 1.7 percent). The only significant job growth was in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (up 186, 1.1 percent). Over the year Private Sector employment increased 842 (0.9 percent) with Trade, Transportation, and Utilities adding the most jobs (650), while Manufacturing cut the most jobs (272). Federal and State Government employment declined over the year, but Local Government employment rose 183 over the year.

St. Cloud MSA

Employment stumbled in December, declining by 1,049 (1.0 percent) over the month but finished the year with employment increasing 1,177 (1.1 percent) over the year. Both Government and Private Sector employment were down from November with Private Sector jobs down 1,007 (1.1 percent) and Government jobs down 42 (0.3 percent). Employment dipped the most in Mining, Logging, and Construction (558, 9.5 percent) and in Educational and Health Services (242, 1.2 percent). Hiring was highest in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (63, 0.2 percent). Over the year employment growth was concentrated in the Private Sector as Government employment was down 52 jobs from a year ago. Educational and Health Services (609), Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (566), and Mining, Logging, and Construction (524) added the most workers over the year.

Mankato-North Mankato MSA

Employment dropped 567 jobs (1.0 percent) over the month and increased 385 (0.7 percent) over the year. The Private Sector cut 152 jobs last month (0.3 percent). Government employment plunged 415 jobs (4.5 percent) during December. Over-the-year growth was in the Private Sector which added 546 jobs (1.2 percent), while Government employment decreased 162 (1.8 percent).

Fargo-Moorhead MSA

Employment dropped 140 (0.1 percent) over the month and was up 2,939 (2.2 percent) over the year. Government employment increased 58 (0.3 percent) over the month, while Private Sector declined 198 (0.1 percent). The leading job generator was Leisure and Hospitality (403, 3.3 percent). Job cuts were largest in Mining, Logging, and Construction (down 608, 6.1 percent) and Professional and Business Services (down 285, 1.8 percent).

Grand Forks-East Grand Forks MSA

Employment slipped 567 (1.0 percent) over the month but jumped 946 (1.7 percent) over the year. Government employment dropped 71 (0.5 percent), while 496 jobs were lost in the Private Sector (-1.1 percent). Most of the monthly private employment loss was in Mining, Logging, and Construction (342, 10.6 percent). Hiring was strongest in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (up 52, 0.4 percent).

line graph-Total Nonfarm Jobs

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