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February 2015 - Minnesota Employment Review

Download this issue in PDF or use the links below to select an article.

How Did You Like Us in 2014?

Here’s the most recent report on what we did well last year.

Guarding Our Citizens

More really good jobs in Protective Services are available in Southeast Minnesota than anywhere else in the state.

Fun with Statistics

Find the annual average wage by county for the last 30 years without staring at teeny weeny type.

Industrial Analysis

An analysis of what industries saw employment growth from January 2014 - January 2015.

Regional Analysis

A regional breakdown of job growth for January 2015.

MN Economic Indicators

A comprehensive look at economic indicators for January 2015, including the Minnesota and U.S. index and more.

Consumer Price Index

Information on the U.S. Consumer Price Index for January 2015.

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