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Minnesota Business Developments

by Mohamed Alfash
August 2014

Map of Minnesota Business Development RegionsNorthern

International retail store chain Maurice's is building a $70 million office tower in downtown Duluth to be their new corporate headquarters. The new 11-story office will lead to the creation of approximately 500 new jobs, in addition to the company's current workforce of about 300 employees working at the corporate office. Maurice's will receive an $8.5 million competitive economic development grant from DEED.

Homark Homes announced a $6 million expansion project that will create 19 jobs paying an average of $16 per hour at its factory in Red Lake Falls. The expansion plan includes adding a new product line for multifamily modular housing over the next three years. DEED will contribute $456,000 through the state's Minnesota Job Creation Fund if the company meets performance goals.


Custom Products of Litchfield Inc. announced a $2 million investment plan to expand its manufacturing plant in the city of Litchfield through an addition of 20,000 sq. ft. to their current facility. The addition will house 31 additional jobs paying an average of $17 an hour. DEED will provide $231,000 from the Minnesota Job Creation Fund to the company to help with the expansion plan.

Airport ground support equipment maker Clyde Machines is expanding its operations in Glenwood in a project that will add 35,000 sq. ft. to the company's current site and lead to the creation of 15 new jobs. DEED approved a $200,000 low-interest loan from the Minnesota Investment Fund to assist the company with the expansion plan.

Twin Cities

The North Minneapolis-based uninterruptible power supply service provider DC Group plans to invest $6.2 million to construct a 27,000-sq.-ft. expansion to its current 26,000-sq.-ft. building. This expansion project is projected to create approximately 33 new full-time jobs with average wages of $20 per hour, in addition to the existing 62 positions. The project will be facilitated by the City of Minneapolis using a planned Tax Increment Financing District under which $872,900 of the project cost may be paid through tax increment revenues associated with the expansion. DEED will contribute $535,000 from the Minnesota Job Creation Fund, subject to the company's meeting its performance goals.

Andersen Corporation, the largest window and door maker in North America, announced an $18 million expansion at its Bayport facility that will add 100 full-time jobs that pay an average of $19 an hour including benefits. The company plans to improve an existing building at its complex and will purchase new machinery. The company will receive $625,000 in assistance from DEED's Minnesota Job Creation Fund if the company meets it performance goals.

Chaska-based Super Radiator Coils manufacturing company announced a $4 million expansion plan, including a $287,500 grant from the Minnesota Job Creation Fund. The expansion project will add 30 new jobs.


Eagan-based farm, ranch, and pet supplier Miller Manufacturing is expanding its distribution center in Glencoe adding 20 jobs paying an average wage of $13 an hour. The expansion project will cost $3 million, and the company will receive an $185,000 grant from the Minnesota Job Creation Fund if the company meets its performance goals.

Action Manufacturing is expanding its facility in Marshall with a $1.4 million project adding 10 jobs that will pay approximately $15 per hour, including benefits. The company manufactures wheelchairs with tracks that enable people with disabilities to participate in outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, and hiking. DEED awarded Action Manufacturing a $240,000 low-interest loan from the Minnesota Investment Fund to assist with the project.

The U.S. Economic Development Administration announced a $9.8 million grant and will attract another $10 million in private investment for rebuilding a flood-damaged portion of State Highway 169 near Mankato. The project is expected to create 500 new jobs in the region. This investment will help raise the grade of three miles of the Critical Highway Link between Saint Peter and Mankato, which will enable freight movement even during floods.

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