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Person reading Trends magazineOur publications range from an entire suite of business guidebooks to magazines that highlight economic issues, from special-interest newsletters to reports, fact sheets and more.

All are available to view, download or print. Several may be ordered free of charge in hard copy, on CD, or on USB Flash Drive formats.

Upon request, publications may be provided in alternative formats for people with disabilities. Older publications are available in DEED's Digital Library.

A Guide to Intellectual Property Protection 13th edition provides a a primer for the inventor and entrepreneur on the protection of new ideas and the products that result from them. A collaborative effort with the law firm of Merchant and Gould, P.C. It does not consider all circumstances. It is not intended as legal advice. Click title to download or order a copy. Last Modified: 10/11/2015 Size: 0 Author: Categories: Guidebooks, Tags:
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