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Top State for Business Infographics

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CNBC has named Minnesota America's top state for business.

The annual study scores all 50 states on 60 measures of competitiveness, divided into 10 categories. Check out the big picture and how each category breaks down.

The Big Picture

Ten factors that make Minnesota the nation's best.

Minnesota's Economy

A balanced mix of big and small, established and up-and-coming.


Moving goods to market and businesses toward success.

Cost of Doing Business

Not the highest-cost state. Not the lowest, either. We're just right.


Workers are educated, highly skilled, motivated and productive.

Innovation and Tech

Minnesota's a high-tech haven and an innovative hotspot.


Minnesota is a leader in K-12 and post-secondary education.

Business Friendliness

Companies find our legal and regulatory systems more favorable than most.

Access to Capital

Money makes the business world go around, and we've got strong lenders.

Cost of Living

Life's necessities and many of its niceties are less expensive here.

Quality of Life

No state has it better. Period. Come see for yourself.

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