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Biosciences Infographics

Minnesota has one of the strongest - and most respected - life science, health technology and biotechnology industries in the world, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. Here are some industry highlights.

Cluster Size

Companies, employment, salaries and more.

Medical Devices

A uniquely strong niche for Minnesota.

Investment Activity

Dollars flowing into our bio industries.

Investment Trends

Investor interest in our bio sector is on the rise.


A growth surge followed by steady progress.

Pharma Investment

Investors are increasingly drawn to this sector.

Research at Mayo

Annual research investments at Mayo Clinic.

Research at U of MN

Research investments at the University of Minnesota.

Traditional Markets

Sectors where Minnesota has established strengths.

Emerging Markets

Sectors where Minnesota will see new growth.

Leading Organizations

Major life science companies and research institutions.

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