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Related Executive Orders and Other Informational Resources


Related Executive Orders

  • Executive Order 20-74 - Reopens Gyms, recreational entertainment and meeting venues, and reduces restrictions on restaurant, bar and personal care services effective June 10, with proper health and safety in place
  • Executive Order 20-56 - Extends Peacetime Emergency Declaration and allows for the reopening of more businesses effective May 18, with proper safety measures in place
  • Executive Order 20-48 – Extends Stay at Home Order and allows some non-Critical Sector workers to return to work with workplace health and safety plans in place

Critical Sector Worker Exemption Information

To determine if a worker is part of a Critical Sector, please refer first to our Critical Sector Workers Definitions and Clarifications document. This document contains a comprehensive list of Critical Sectors Workers, along with Critical Worker clarifications that have been added since the Stay at Home order was issued.

Many of Minnesota’s definitions of Critical Sectors are based on federal guidance from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). If a worker fits into any of the CISA Guidance’s critical infrastructure workforce categories, then they qualify for a Critical Sector worker exemption.

If a worker qualifies for a Critical Sector worker exemption based on any of the above resources, and they cannot work from home, then they return to the workplace. Please note that all workers who can work from home must do so, even if they are eligible for a Critical Sector worker exemption.

If after reviewing the Critical Sector Workers Definitions and Clarifications document, you have remaining questions about whether you are a Critical Sector worker or whether your business's workers are Critical Sector workers, please contact us at  CriticalSectors@state.mn.us and we will work with agency subject matter experts to review and respond as quickly as possible with a determination.

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