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Minnesota invites you to discover something new in the world and in yourself. Somewhere that feels wild and pure, where your story can flow like the Mississippi River and shine like the northern lights. No matter which route you take, they can all lead to your True North. And it’s only in Minnesota.

We’re a state of mind filled with adventure, culture and curiosity. And we’re a state of opportunity, committed to building what matters and making the world a better place for everyone. Here you can:

  • Move to Minnesota. Imagine a state where you can get from big cities to big nature in less than a half hour. A state that’s top-ranked in economic opportunity and one of the best places to raise a family. A state with world-class healthcare, James Beard award-winning chefs, and teams in seven major sports leagues. A state built on access, where new experiences and endless opportunity are available to all. Welcome to Minnesota, America’s least stressed state.
  • Start or grow your career. Our top rankings related to women in the workforce, working moms and dads, and millennials speak to why we’re a great place to grow your career.
  • Live affordably and access world leading health care. People who move here from other places are often surprised by how affordable it is; we’re among the top five states for home ownership. And we’re among the top five states in life expectancy – in part, because of the excellent medical care the state offers, including the top-ranked Mayo Clinic and other excellent medical facilities.
  • Raise your family and have your children learn in our outstanding schools. From pre-K through college, education is a high priority. We’re considered one of the Best States to Raise a Family and in the top three when it comes to child well-being.
  • Be part of an engaged and caring community. We are among the very top states in voter participation and volunteering. What’s more, we’re friendly, welcoming and one of the least stressed states.
  • Enjoy a robust arts and entertainment scene. Minnesota is not just the birthplace of stars like Bob Dylan and Prince, it’s a hotbed for music, theater, visual arts and culinary innovation.
  • Bask in our great outdoors and cheer for our professional sports teams. As one of a small handful of states with teams in seven major sports leagues, we also have several world-class sports venues. When we’re not watching sports, we’re likely to be outdoors, savoring our state’s beauty by fishing, boating, skiing, kayaking, snowmobiling, ice skating, biking, hiking and more.

And, there’s plenty to get out and enjoy

  • purple-tour6 national parks
  • 75 state and recreational parks
  • 4,000+ miles of paved bike trails
  • Nearly 500 golf courses
  • Over 100 live theaters
  • 233 craft brewers

Quick Facts

  • Least Stressed State (WalletHub, 2023; 2nd in 2022; 3rd in 2021; 1st in 2020)
  • 1st in Voter Participation (World Population Review, 2023)
  • 2nd in Quality of Life (World Population Review, 2022)
  • 3rd Best State to Raise a Family (WalletHub, 2024; 2nd in 2023)
  • 3rd in Volunteering (AmeriCorps, 2023)
  • 3rd Most Bike Friendly City in the Country - Minneapolis (Rent.Com, 2023)
  • 3rd in Child Well-Being (Kids Count Report, 2022)
  • 3rd in Life Expectancy (CDC, 2022)
  • 4th Best State for Women (WalletHub, 2023)
  • 4th Best State for Doctors (WalletHub, 2023)
  • 5th in Healthy People (2022 Camelot Index)
  • 5th in Six "Quality of Life" Measures: Economy, Health, Crime, Education, Society, and State Government (2022 Camelot Index)

For a full picture of life in Minnesota, visit our partner Explore Minnesota Tourism.

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