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Our Team to Help Your Business Grow and Succeed

Business Development Office

Information is great, but sometimes it’s easier to pick up the phone and have your questions answered by one of our experts. Give us a call today. Contact our Business Development Office at 651-259-7432 or email

We also offer services to help develop innovative workforce solutions. Contact one of our Workforce Strategy Consultants.

Photograph of  Catalina  Valencia
Catalina Valencia
Executive Director
Photograph of  Chet  Bodin
Chet Bodin
Northwest Region
Photograph of  Bradley  Brzezinski
Bradley Brzezinski
Northeast Region
Photograph of  Colleen  Eddy
Colleen Eddy
Twin Cities Metro Region
Photograph of  Matt  Hauck
Matt Hauck
Twin Cities Metro Region
Photograph of  David  Heyer
David Heyer
West Central Region
Photograph of  Lisa  Hughes
Lisa Hughes
Southwest Region
Photograph of  Natalie  Siderius
Natalie Siderius
Southeast Region

For a full picture of the agency’s Senior Leadership Team across both workforce and economic development programs & operations, see our DEED Website.

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