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About the Winona WorkForce Center

The Minnesota WorkForce Center - Winona works in collaboration with key partners to make sure that area job seekers find employment and training and area businesses find the skilled workers they need.

Here you'll find information about the services they provide and the council that sets our priorities for workforce development.

Workforce Development Board

The Winona County Workforce Development Board works together to understand the current and future needs of businesses and job seekers and then develops plans for using federal employment and training funding to meet those needs. 

Made up of representatives from business, education, organized labor, community-based organizations, economic development agencies, local elected officials and others, the WIB shapes and oversees employment and training, vocational rehabilitation, youth, dislocated worker and other programs funded through the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. 

The Workforce Development Board (Winona Workforce Council) is usually scheduled to meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. at the WorkForce Center. Meeting dates may be changed up to one week in advance or due to an emergency. They are usually recessed for June, July and August unless a special meeting is called. 

The Winona Workforce Development Board's agendas and official meeting minutes are available in the Resource Area at the Winona WorkForce Center. The public is welcome to view this information during regular office hours.

Southeast Minnesota Regional Development Area 6/Winona Local Workforce Development Area 18 WIOA Plan for PY16/17


Staff at our WorkForce Center administer several training and support programs for job seekers. Below is brief description of each of the programs available here and key contact information.

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