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Hire a Veteran in Three Easy Steps


Hiring a Minnesota veteran is good business and it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step One - Post Your Job Openings on MinnesotaWorks.net

MinnesotaWorks.net is an online database with thousands of job listings from private employers statewide. Post your job openings and label them veteran-friendly. Get Started Using MinnesotaWorks.net.

Step Two - Contact a Veterans Employment Representative

Located at WorkForce Centers throughout the state, veterans employment representatives are available to help veterans address a wide variety job-search, job-placement and career-related questions. Contact a veterans employment representative and let them know you want to hire a veteran.

Step Three - Connect With Your Local Yellow Ribbon Network

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon supports Minnesota service members and their families before, during and after deployment with community support, training, services and resources. Ask how you can help. Visit the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon website. Also check out the DAV's Guide to Hiring and Retaining Veterans with Disabilities.

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