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Polished Portfolio Makes a Difference

A paralegal in search of employment in a tough legal market, Molly McGinnis created a 43-page portfolio to help set her apart from the competition and showcase her experience and many talents.

She set up the portfolio with separate sections broken down this way

  • Professional Profile
  • Honors and Awards
  • Paralegal Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Liberal Arts

Within those sections were subsections with a resume, letters of recommendation, awards, legal writing samples and Excel and PowerPoint examples, as well as a written essay from a college course she had taken.

The portfolio was not easy to put together, but it has paid off. "It took me two or three months to get it all together," says McGinnis. "But having a portfolio has really helped me in interviews. It gives me more of a professional appearance. Resumes basically tell interviewers 'I did this, I did that,' but they can't know if what you're saying is true. With a portfolio, you can show what you've done and what you can do."

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