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Online Tools and Networking Payoff

After 23 years with a national telecommunications company, Joseph Schufman took a generous buyout package and signed a non-compete contract that prohibited him from working for another telecom for a year.

While waiting for the year to end, Schufman, 64, created two web-based tools - an eFolio Minnesota site and a LinkedIn account - to showcase his career accomplishments.

"It took four hours for me to create an eFolio site, and that became my website," says Schufman. "By having it on LinkedIn, I could tell that many people who viewed my profile also went to my website. It's a great tool."

One of those potential employers who viewed both sites was an information technology outsourcer, which hired Schufman for a sales executive position. "I'm glad I spent the time to create a portfolio. It showcased my career and my abilities, perhaps better than a traditional resume."

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