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Personal Websites

Small figure of person standing above a web address

Online web creation sites such as About.me, Weebly, Google Sites or Wix, allow you to create a limited number of pages for free. You will pay for more pages through a monthly subscription. The free site, however, may be just enough to get your Web presence going.

What’s good about websites and e-portfolios is that employers can see what you have done in a visual presentation that is not available in a written resume. If they like what they see on the resume and want to learn more about you, they can quickly skim your e-portfolio or website. The fact you developed an online presence will be impressive enough, and the work exhibited there should only help your cause. As in the past, make sure everything is spelled correctly, reads well and links to content work.

When you get to the interview, you can have the individual pull up the digital portfolio to assist in the discussion. With a paper or e-portfolio and/or a job website, you will have a nice assortment of informational sources describing your skills, career, values and volunteer pursuits. Having the website and e-portfolio will only strengthen your online presence in a positive way, a clear advantage when a potential employer decides to Google your name.


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