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Professional/Technical Contracts

Application to Vend Services to Vocational Rehabilitation Services

DEED purchases community resources on behalf of Minnesotans with disabilities in the VR program so that they may achieve their goals for competitive, integrated employment and career development. The P/T Contracts facilitate the purchase of these services. Under state contracting requirements, CRPs and LUVs must complete an application to be a provider of services. The application is reviewed and approved by DEED-VRS leadership.

Review of new providers includes an assessment of service need, an assessment of provider to deliver the service, and an assessment of proposed rate for the service. New LUVs will undergo the same assessment as new CRPs, with some additional scrutiny because they are not CARF accredited. As a result of the application process, a new contract number will be assigned to each contractor.

VRS staff continuously monitors CARF accreditation status for CRPs. Failure to maintain CARF accreditation will result in the termination of the P/T contract.

Pre-Employment Transition Services

WIOA requires DEED-VRS to reserve 15% of its funding (approximately $6.5 million per year) to provide Pre-Employment Services to students with disabilities. Since this mandate took effect, current activities have proven insufficient to meet this federal requirement. For that reason, DEED-VRS will be significantly increasing the referrals for Pre-ETS services to Community Partners. Those services fall into the following five required activities:

  • Job Exploration Counseling
  • Work-Based Learning Experiences
  • Post-Secondary Education Counseling
  • Workplace Readiness Training
  • Instruction in Self Advocacy

DEED-VRS invites our Community Partners consider providing these services. Here is a list of service titles and definitions we’d like Community Partners to consider offering.

View the rate structure for Pre-ETS services.

October 2019 Pre-ETS Training for P/T Contractors: Video Recording

October 2019 Pre-ETS Training Video Recording: PowerPoint Slides

If you have questions about the services, please contact Anne Paulson, DEED-VRS Rehabilitation Program Specialist at 651-259-7135.

Requests to Amend P/T Contracts

Twice per year, community partners have the opportunity to adjust their service offerings in accordance with their business needs, the needs of individuals they work with, and the needs of the state VR program.

After the amendment request period is closed, DEED-VRS will evaluate amendment requests based on an assessment of the need for a particular service, an assessment of the provider to deliver the service, and an assessment of the proposed rate for the service.

If approved by DEED-VRS leadership, DEED-VRS will develop, process, obtain approvals, and signatures for the amendments. Depending on the volume, this process may take about 2 months.

Amendment Request Instructions

Please refer to your current P/T contract in developing your amendment request. Contracts can be found on the DEED website. If you have questions as you develop your amendment, please contact Anne Paulson, DEED-VRS Rehabilitation Program Specialist at 651-259-7135.

Complete Amendment Request Form per the instructions on the form.

Submit Amendment Request Form to Anne Paulson by 4:00 pm, Friday, May 31, 2019. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Future Amendment Request Submission Periods

DEED-VRS has committed to opening submissions for amendment requests twice per year. The tentative dates for 2019 and 2020 are:

  • 2019 "Round 2" (Tentative)
    • Request Submission Period: September - October; Contract Evaluation, Development, Reviews, and Approvals: November - December
  • 2020 "Round 1" (Tentative)
    • Request Submission Period: January – February; Contract Evaluation, Development, Reviews, and Approvals: March - April
  • 2020 "Round 2" (Tentative)
    • Request Submission Period: August – September; Contract Evaluation, Development, Reviews, and Approvals: October – November

June 7, 2017

May 2, 2017

The VR program receives 74.05 percent of its funding through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. For federal fiscal year 2019, the total amount of grant funds awarded were $41,796,129. The remaining 25.5 percent of the costs ($14,300,000) were funded by Minnesota state appropriations.

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