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Joint Counselor Training Presentations

Listed below are the presentations from the 2017 Joint Counselor Training.

Opening Remarks

Jeremy Hanson Willis

Session 1

1-A. DHS and DEED Legislative Updates


1-B. TAA Wheel of Benefits

1-C. 5 Best Practices in Engaging Diverse Customers

1-D. Grants 101

1-E. Pressures and Tensions of Living on a Low-Income

1-F. Mindfulness - A key to personal and professional resilience

Session 2

2-A. Intra and Inter-agency collaborations: the client is center stage

2-B. Let's Make a (TAA) Training Plan

2-D. Individualized Employment Plans (IEPs)


2-E. 21st Century Job Seeking Skills: How to help your clients (and you) find that next, great job!

2-F. Turning Theory into Practice: Application for Professional Coaching


Breaking Ice

Session 3

3-A. The Refugee Process 101

3-D. Challenges and opportunities facing Minnesota and its workforce: A look at the data

3-E. "Someone Else's Blues": Secondary Traumatic Stress and Strategies for Professional Well-Being

3-G. Southeast Asian Success in Southeast Minnesota

Session 4

4-A. The World in Your Lobby: Adventures in Working Across Cultures

4-B. MFIP Employment Services: Noncompliance and Sanctions Refresher

4-C. Past, Present, and Future of SNAP E&T

4-D. Culturally Specific MFIP Services, A County/Community Partnership

4-E. Better Futures MN; More ambitious than a program

4-G. LGBTQ Inclusivity


What is Minnesota's Demographic Future?

Session 5

5-A. Pursuit of Equity: Demystifying Safe Space

5-B. Registered Apprenticeship Programs and Grants

5-E. Collaboration + Innovation: A Recipe for Success

5-F. MAXIS Inquiry Refresher for MFIP ES Counselors

5-G. Understanding and Working in the Hmong Community

Session 6

6-A. Racial Equity through Offender Workforce Development: Model Employment Programming for Ex-Offenders

6-B. Dislocated Worker and WIOA Adult Performance TEGLs and Cohorts

6-D. "The Times Are A Changing"

6-E. Labor Unions=Ph! The Things You Thought You Knew

6-F. Paving Career Pathways for Low-Income Job Seekers

6-G. Generations in the Workplace


How Diversity helped win World War II

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