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como-parkMaking a move? Consider Minnesota.

It's a family-friendly, affordable place to live. Our diverse business sectors and many Fortune 500s make it easier for dual-career couples to find satisfying jobs. Our education system and quality of life are among the best in the nation. We're ranked:

  • #1 Best State to Raise a Family

  • #1 Best State for Health Care

  • #1 Safest State

  • Highest Median Family Salary when Adjusted for Cost of Living

  • Fortune 500s per capita:
    • #1 – Minneapolis-St. Paul (among top 30 metros)
    • #4 – Minnesota

  • Top 3 in Quality of Life

Sources: Most recent data available as of January 2020; WalletHub, Fortune, Forbes, CNBC.

Quality of life

It means different things to different people – but among the many things that make this a special place to live are:

  • Vibrant communities of all sizes statewide that offer career and entrepreneurship opportunities

  • Four distinct seasons with plenty of year-round outdoor recreational activities

  • Professional sports teams including baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer

  • Cultural offerings that include renowned theater, music, museums, and other entertainment

  • Well over 10,000 lakes and more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined

Minneapolis-St. Paul

The metro area has:

  • A culinary scene that prompted the Wall Street Journal to name Minneapolis as one of the 10 hottest travel destinations in the world (2018)

  • 4th shortest commute time among the 30 largest metro areas in the country

  • Two of the three top park systems in the U.S. (Trust for Public Land ParkScore Index)

Resources to get you started

If you’re considering Minnesota, you’ll find more information here:
Learn more about our companies, top industries, rankings, and how we compare to other states.

Check out Minnesota's career development and talent matching resource.

Launch Minnesota
Visit this website to find out more about Minnesota's efforts to accelerate the growth of startups and amplify Minnesota as a national leader in innovation.

Explore Minnesota
Stop by the state's tourism website to plan a trip – because if you visit Minnesota, you might just find you want to stay.

Minnesota: Thriving in the North
Watch this 2-minute video to see why these three entrepreneurs moved to Minnesota from other places.

Minnesota News & Events
Get timely information about Minnesota business news and expansions.

Plant Minnesota top of mind as you think about your next move.

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