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Natural Resources

Scenic beauty and recreational opportunities are always nearby. Minnesota has an abundance of lakes, rivers and forests – and has the parks, trails, camping sites and public access ramps to enjoy them. No matter the temperature, one thing holds true: the people of our state will be "out 'n about" and actively enjoying the beautiful place we call home. Just imagine:

  • Minneapolis and St. Paul are among the 3 Best Park System in U.S for the past three years (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Nearly 12,000 lakes
  • More shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined
  • More than 500 golf courses
  • 75 state parks and recreation areas
  • Over 1,300 miles of state trails
  • Camping, boating, skiing, water-skiing, canoeing, kayaking and more
  • Nearly 8 million people visit our state parks every year.
  • The world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area – Lake Superior.
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