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Climate Overview

Ask a Minnesotan – even a transplant from another state – what they love most about Minnesota and many will mention the “four distinct seasons.” The state offers opportunities for Winter sports and Summer fun!

Minnesota is not as cold and dark as people think. Because of the long Summer days, the state has an average of 2,711 hours of sunshine annually, not significantly different from other states perceived as sunnier like Mississippi (2,720) and Florida (2,927).

The average high temperature in the winter ranges between 24-27 degrees while the average high temperature in the Summer ranges between 72-80 degrees. Perfect for a wide variety of activities. Here is a sampling of fun opportunities Minnesota changing seasons have to offer:

  • Kayak in the more than 10,000 lakes Minnesota has. More coastline that Florida, California and Hawaii combined!
  • With 75 state parks the state offer endless opportunities for hiking and camping.
  • Do you like golf? Minnesota has more than 500 golf courses!
  • Enjoy the St. Paul Winter Carnival – the oldest winter festival in the United States. More than 4,000 blocks of ice are cut from Minnesota lakes to build the carnival’s 70-foot-tall ice palace.
  • Take part in Ice Box Days in International Falls – which includes frozen turkey bowling and moonlight skiing.
  • Hide away in a skyway – Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth make it easy to avoid the outdoors. Minneapolis has the most extensive skyway in the world; it covers 80 city blocks and provides about 10 miles of climate-controlled comfort.
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