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Education: Quality Institutions are the Heart of Our Success

High Quality Pre-K to 12 Education

  • In 2017, Minnesota was ranked 11th highest in education (pre-K -12 to higher education) by U.S. News and World Report. The state ranked eighth highest in quality of pre-K-12 education.

  • Minnesota’s 4th and 8th graders ranked second nationwide in mathematics in 2015, based on National Assessment of Educational Progress.

  • Minnesota ranked first among the 17 states where all high school seniors took the ACT college entrance exam. Minnesotans scored an average composite score of 21.5, compared with 21.1 for 2016. The national average was 21.0.

Robust Network of Higher Education Institutions

  • Minnesota has top-notch research institutions and a robust system of universities and community, technical and comprehensive colleges across the state. More than 100 post-secondary institutions in Minnesota offer advanced degrees. In 2015, more than 296,000 undergraduate students and 41,500 graduate students were enrolled in higher education programs in Minnesota.

+ Minnesotans reach for higher education

Educational Attainment in Minnesota is Nation's Best
010 Quality Educational Institutions

  • The leading types of institutions by enrollment were the University of Minnesota (44,500 undergraduate students and 13,300 graduate students in fall 2017 across five campuses of this public research university), private colleges and universities (50,900 undergraduate students and 15,050 graduate students in 2015 at 17 independent institutions) and Minnesota State (60,000 undergraduate students and 6,530 graduate students in 2015 at 37 public colleges and universities).
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