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Education: Quality Institutions are the Heart of Our Success

High Quality Pre-K to 12 Education

  • In 2020, ranked 3rd nationwide in the Kid Count Report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

  • Minnesota’s 4th graders ranked first and 8th graders ranked 2nd in mathematics in 2019, based on National Assessment of Educational Progress.

  • In 2019, Minnesota ranked 1st in ACT test scores among nearly 20 states that had 95% or more of graduating high school students take the college entrance exam.

Robust Network of Higher Education Institutions

  • Minnesota has top-notch research institutions and a robust system of universities and community, technical and comprehensive colleges across the state. More than 100 post-secondary institutions in Minnesota offer advanced degrees. In 2017 (most recent data), nearly 244,450 undergraduate students and 44,300 graduate students were enrolled in higher education programs in Minnesota.

+ Minnesotans reach for higher education

Educational Attainment in Minnesota is Nation's Best
010 Quality Educational Institutions

The leading types of institutions by enrollment were:

  • University of Minnesota: 41,140 undergraduate students and 12,130 graduate students in spring 2020 across five campuses of this public research university.

  • Private colleges and universities: 40,390 undergraduate students and 15,715 graduate students in fall 2019 at 17 independent institutions.

  • Minnesota State: 142,580 undergraduate students and 6,820 graduate students in 2017 (most recent data) at 37 public colleges and universities.
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