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Education & Apprenticeships


Minnesota is known for its great educational system. We rank 3rd in the country for the percentage of the population with high school degrees and 11th in bachelor's degrees or above.

  • Minnesota postsecondary institutions conferred 102,750 degrees (2018-2019) at the undergraduate and graduate level.

  • Bachelor's degrees are the most common award conferred with over 37,000 awards in all fields.

  • Awards in health science programs are the most common. They comprise over one-quarter percent of all awards (26,423).

  • Business, management, marketing and related support services have the second-largest number of awards (15,285).

  • Nearly 17,000 students graduate from the University of Minnesota (U of M). The Twin Cities Campus has the highest number of graduates (13,860).

  • Minnesota colleges and universities award 38,000 degrees, certificates, and diplomas annually.

Source: U.S. Department of Education, IPEDS, 2018-2019; University of Minnesota 2018-2019; Minnesota State (accessed July, 2020)

A Draw For Talent

  • 3rd best city for college graduates (Apartment List Inc., 2019).

  • Minneapolis is the 4th best city for dating (Thrillist, 2019).

  • The Twin Cities ranks as the 6th best city to start a career (Financial Advisor, 2019).

  • Minneapolis St. Paul ranks as the 8th best city for millennials (Business Insider, 2020).


Minnesota is promoting the employee training model through apprenticeship programs for businesses looking for a highly diverse and skilled workforce. Learn more about the incentives for businesses to implement an apprenticeship program and how to improve employee retention and recruitment.

+ Minnesotans rank high in educational attainment

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