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Stone Arch Bridge
The Stone Arch Bridge is a former railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Saint Anthony Falls in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the only arched bridge made of stone on the entire length of the Mississippi River. It is the second oldest next to Eads Bridge. The bridge was built to connect the railway system to the new Union Depot, which at that time was planned to be built between Hennepin Avenue and Nicollet Avenue. The bridge was completed in 1883, costing $650,000 at the time ($17.1 million today).
Stone Arch Bridge
UMN Campus
The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (often referred to as The University of Minnesota, Minnesota, the U of M, UMN, or simply the U) is a public research university in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses are approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) apart, and the Saint Paul campus is actually in neighboring Falcon Heights.
UMN Campus
Pepin Lake
As the largest naturally occurring lake on the Mississippi River, Lake Pepin is home to the only working lighthouse on the entire Mississippi River at the entrance to the Lake City Marina, the site of historical land once used for a French fur post known as “Fort Beauharnois” and is the lake where Ralph Samuelson invented waterskiing.
Lake Pepin plaque with view of a harbor full of boats.
Nice Ride Minnesota
Nice Ride has over 1800 bikes available 24/7 from 200+ locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Get on a bike at any station and return it anywhere in the system. Take a spin around the lake, ride to work or across town. When you reach your destination just return your bike to the nearest station and check out another one for the return trip.
Minnesota Nice Ride Bikes - Bike Rack.
Minnesota Breweries
Minnesota has a rich beer-making tradition and is home to 150 craft breweries with hard-to-forget names like Bent Paddle Brewing in Duluth, Junkyard Brewing in Moorhead and Disgruntled brewing in Fergus Falls. Beer production in the state has grown 83 percent in the last decade, climbing from 218,691 barrels in 2003 to 390,962 barrels in 2012. While the beer-brewing business can’t be considered a major employer in the state, the number of people working in the industry has doubled in recent years, growing from 250 in 2004 to about 675 in 2014.
Table filled with glasses of beer.
NorthShore Inline Marathon
Rollerblading is a Minnesota invention. Also known “inline skating”, the sport was created by Scott and Brennan Olson, two ice hockey players looking for a way to practice during the summer. Together they began selling skates with polyurethane wheels under a boot called “Rollerblades”, the Rollerblade Company was born. Each year Minnesota hosts the NorthShore Inline Marathon. As the largest and only inline World Cup event held in the United States, the race attracts world champions and future Olympic medal winners to compete in one of the most beautiful courses for inline skating.
Four people rollerblading at dusk in Duluth, MN.
Minnesota Invented the Recreational Snowmobile
The modern day recreational snowmobile was born in 1954. David Johnson was a partner with Alan and Edgar Hetteen of Polaris Industries. At this time Mr. Johnson made his design of a snowmobile during a weekend adventure. This became the very first Polaris, known as the ‘Sno Traveler’. Polaris built a few machines per year from 1955 to 1957 and then phased out of farm equipment and began manufacturing sleds.
Man driving a snowmobile for sport.
Minnehaha Falls & Park
This park takes its name after the beautiful stream and its spectacular falls that plunges 53 feet into a gorge before running out to the Mississippi River. Trails lead in all directions, including down the gorge to river shorelines. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, gave this Minneapolis waterfall national fame in the Song of Hiawatha. Minnehaha Regional Park introduces the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, a 50-mile outdoor recreation loop in the Minneapolis area.
Minnehaha water fall.
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