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Connecting the World


The Future is Here

We're creative experts in developing the software, hardware and networks needed to do business in the 21st century and beyond.

Minnesota has a rich history of computer industry development – with early industry leaders based here. Today, IT companies operate statewide across all industries and Minnesota is a growing hub for data centers, fintech and the Internet of Things.

Learn more from our: Internet of Things Fact Sheet; Data Center Fact Sheet; Financial Technology (FinTech) Sector Fact Sheet; Information Technology Fact Sheet

Information Technology

Many companies with IT as a key part of their work are headquartered here.

Data Centers

Special incentives attract data and network operation centers to Minnesota.

Internet of Things

Our thriving IoT sector welcomes developers as well as companies looking to apply new technologies.

Financial Technology

We're becoming a hot spot for fintech companies that are developing new financial tools and services.

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