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000 Ways We Improve Health [Bio Science Image]

Over the decades, this dynamic industry cluster has been responsible for an astonishing number of breakthrough technologies and treatments. The implantable cardiac pacemaker, mechanical heart valves, and implantable infusion pumps are just a few of the homegrown innovations that have saved and improved lives everywhere.

  • Minnesota's employment in medical device manufacturing is four time more concentrated than the national average. (EMSI, 2020)
  • The state ranks first nationwide in the concentration of medical device manufacturing employment. (EMSI, 2020)
  • Medical device manufacturing employs nearly 32,700 workers in Minnesota, ranking second nationwide (EMSI, 2020)
  • Historically, medical devices have received large amounts of venture capital investments in Minnesota. Between 2010 and 2019, the state had 210 deals, totaling more than $3 billion in health care, of which medical devices is a large component. (PwC, 2020)
  • Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific, Medtronic and other large medical device companies have major operations in the state (ReferenceUSA)
  • The University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic  create an ideal environment for turning  new ideas into commercial success.
  • Medtronic is one of Minnesota's largest employers with over 10,000 workers.
  • Minnesota ranks among the top states in medical devices patents per 1 million people. Below are few examples by patent class:
    • 1st in devices for electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, radiation and ultrasound therapy
    • 1st on filters implantable into blood vessels and prostheses
    • 2nd in dentistry devices or methods for dental hygiene
    • 2nd in instruments for diagnosis and surgical and person-identification
    • 3rd in devices for introducing media into the body
    • 4th in devices for physical therapy
    • 4th in containers specially adapted for medical or pharmaceutical purposes

Source: U.S. Patents and Trademark Office, 2019.

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