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Health Care

000 Ways We Improve Health [Bio Science Image]

There's just no way to talk about Minnesota's health care industry without using superlatives. Our reputation as a leader in health care services precedes us.

Our treatment and research facilities are the envy of the nation and world. And the sector is an extremely important part of the state's economy.

In fact, the future of medicine and health is being written in Minnesota, where renowned academic and research resources combine with a cadre of top-ranked providers to bring high-quality care, expertise and facilities to every corner of the state.

Minnesota's 144 hospitals and health systems employ more than 127,000 people. The state continues to be a leading venue for the medical device industry. And the expertise it has developed in health care and biotech is generating new opportunities in health care information technology, diagnostics, therapeutics and other medical technologies.

Spotlight on Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic in Rochester -- where hundreds of thousands of people from around the world come each year for the most advanced medical care available anywhere - is the epicenter of health-care innovation. Mayo Clinic ha been ranked as the best hospital in the country in both 2016-'17 and 2017-'18 by U.S. News and World Report.

Mayo employs more than 41,600 people in Minnesota and has over 3,000 staff physicians and scientist based here. A societal impact report it released in 2017 calculated that it contributed $28 billion to the U.S. economy through its business expenditures and employer multiplier effect.

Breakthrough research at Mayo runs across every spectrum of medicine, and its extensive clinical trials give Minnesotan residents and others access to state-of-the-art treatments.

The presence of Mayo, along with the new enterprises that spring from it and the companies that want proximity to it, are transforming the clinic's home city of Rochester.

The $5.6 billion Destination Medical Center (DMC) is a unique 20-year economic development initiative that aims to make Rochester even more of a global health care hub.

Anchored by Mayo, the plan includes Discovery Square, a sub-district of DMC housing science, technology and bio-business startups and research groups. The DMC initiative is expected to create more than 30,000 new jobs and generate about $7.5 to $8 billion in new net tax revenue over the next 35 years.

Medical Excellence Abounds

Nationally recognized hospitals blanket Minnesota with high quality care.

In addition to Mayo, Abbott Northwestern Hospital and University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis and St. Cloud Hospital were nationally ranked in certain specialties by U.S. News and World Report. Mayo Clinic ranked in 15 specialties and nine children's specialties; Abbott Northwestern in six specialties; St. Cloud Hospital in four specialties; and University of Minnesota Medical Center in one specialty and five children's specialties.

Overall, the health care and social assistance sector employs 471,800 workers in the state and has added 141,000 jobs since 2004. Four of the 10 largest employers in the state are in health care delivery.

Minnesota frequently ranks among the top states in health care:

  • 2nd (tie) Best State for Health Care (WalletHub, 2017)
  • 6th Healthiest State (America's Health Rankings, United Health Foundation, 2017)
  • 7th Best State for Health Care (U.S. News & World Report, 2018)

Minnesota's leadership on patient safety and quality is recognized throughout the nation. The state's hospitals are spearheading dozens of patient safety initiatives to improve care, including a nation-leading reporting system on adverse health events, multiple patient safety calls to action and development of new methods of measuring quality.

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