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Innovation and Technology: Creating and Supporting New Ideas

Minnesota is a leader a variety of high-tech industries, such as medical device manufacturing, computer and electronic manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT). Key to Minnesota’s success is its tech-savvy workforce with multigenerational expertise and its role as a creative idea incubator and patent powerhouse.

How Minnesota Ranks

  • 1st in medical device patents per capita (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, based on most-recent available data as of January 2020).

  • 1st in Best Places for Women Entrepreneurs, Minneapolis-St. Paul (SmartAsset™, 2020).

  • 2nd in electromedical and electrotherapeutic apparatus manufacturing (EMSI, 2020).

  • 5th in computer and electronic product manufacturing (EMSI, 2020).

  • 6th in Risk Capital and Entrepreneurial Infrastructure, up from 21st in 2018 (Milken Institute, 2020).

  • 6th in Technology and Science Workforce, up from 7th in 2018 (Milken Institute, 2020).

  • 6th nationwide in patents per capita (U.S. Patents and Trademark Office, 2019).

010 Innovation & Technology

  • 6th in manufacturing of measuring and control instruments, critical to IoT (EMSI, 2020).

  • 6th in computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing (EMSI, 2020).

  • 7th in Technology and Innovation (CNBC, 2019).

  • 7th Most Innovative City, Rochester, MN (Biz Women, 2019).

  • 8th in printed circuit assembly manufacturing (EMSI, 2020).

  • 8th Most Creative Place, Minneapolis-St. Paul (SmartAsset™, 2019).

  • 11th nationwide in total number of patents - 4,684 (U.S. Patents and Trademark Office, 2019).

  • 11th Most Innovative State in the country (Bloomberg, 2020).

  • 11th in the Technology and Science Index (Milken Institute, 2020).
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