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Research and Development Expenditures

Research & Development infographic depicting Minnesota's rankings

R&D Expenditures

Minnesota publicly-owned companies (35) spent $4.1 billion in R&D in 2018 - ranking 12th among states.

On per capita basis ($727) the state ranked 14th.

Nearly 100% of R&D expenditures by publicly-owned companies occurred in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

$1.9 billion (3M) Minnesota's top R&D spender among public companies is 3M with $1.9 billion in R&D expenditures or nearly 46 percent of all R&D expenditures by public companies in the state.

Minnesota ranked 17th in R&D expenditures as a percentage of GDP (2.47), according to the National Science Foundation. The national share was 2.73.

According to the 2018 state technology and science index by the Milken institute, Minnesota ranked 9th - University of Minnesota R & D expenditures - $921.7 million (2017) 9th among public universities. $824.9 million - Mayo Clinic R&D funding $824.9 million (2018).

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