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Patents tell an important part if Minnesota's story of our strength in innovation. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Minnesota ranks: 1st in medical device patents per capita in 2020, 2nd in overall medical device patents in 2020, 6th in patents per capita in 2020. Companies - headquartered or with major operations in Minnesota - that were issued the largest numbers of patents between 2000 and 2020 are: 9,227 IBM, 8,772 3M, 5,097 MEDTRONIC, 3,268 CARDIAC PACEMAKERS, 3,247 HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, 3,216 SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY, 1,654 BOSTON SCIENTIFIC, 1,362 TARGET BRANDS, 1,332 ECOLAB, 612 MONSATO. Additionally, the University of Minnesota was issued 1,216 patents and Mayo Foundation 952 patents over the same period. Note: Patents attributable to Minnesota operations. Source: USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database, accessed January 2021.
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