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What Works in Workforce Programs

We have evidence that workforce development programming in Minnesota works

The Net Impact research study on Dislocated Worker and WIA Adult programs found that these programs boosted the likelihood of employment and raised wages for participants.

But to understand how it works, we need more than data

When we asked program managers from around the state what strategies are most effective at helping their clients find sustainable, living wage employment:

DEED's administrative data (entered into Workforce One) captures information on many concrete strategies - such as training enrollment or basic needs financials support - but not these less tangible strategies mentioned by program managers.

This tool combines data with experience from the field to share insights on what works in workforce development

This tool draws heavily from the experience of workforce development professionals in the field. Please be a part of it! Do you have insights to share? What are the most effective strategies that have worked for your clients?

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with us. Your comments will not display on this webpage, but will go directly to the Performance Management team at DEED. Comments are anonymous, but if you include your name and email address, we will be able to follow up with you.

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