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Growing Solar Industry

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Solar Capacity

Minnesota has a cumulative solar capacity of more than 14,000 kilowatts. And new solar installations are growing steadily. Solar installations in the state nearly tripled the capacity in 2012 compared to the prior year.

The State's Largest Solar Projects

Minnesota companies have well-established reputations for solar expertise, and they're earning recognition (and market share) for their innovation.

Current Projects

The Slayton Solar project has a capacity of 2 megawatts and is made up of 7,040 – 285 watt solar modules covering an area equal to approximately seven and a half football fields. The project is expected to produce an average of 2,620 megawatt hours of energy per year to power approximately 376 homes annually. The Slayton Solar Project was constructed by Blattner Energy, headquartered in Avon, Minnesota. Other notable projects in the state include IKEA in Bloomington and the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Future Projects

One of the largest solar power projects in the country, the Aurora Solar project was approved in March 2014 by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Geronimo Energy proposed project of 100 MW will meet a portion of Xcel Energy’s capacity and energy needs between 2017 and 2019. 

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