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MJSP Grant Signing Ceremonies

Most recipients of MJSP grants wish to have a grant signing ceremony to announce their grant awards. It's important to remember that grant signing ceremonies cannot be scheduled until the Grant Agreement has been fully signed and executed.

The educational institution and the contributing business who are partners in the grant are responsible for most of the event planning. However, efforts should be coordinated with MJSP. Contact your MJSP grant coordinator and provide two or three possible dates for the ceremony.

The educational institution should prepare the invitations and the program agenda for the event. These items should be emailed or faxed to your MJSP grant coordinator for review before they are printed and invitations mailed. Your MJSP grant coordinator will provide you with the names of those who will be presenting on behalf of the State and MJSP. Make sure to invite MJSP board members to the grant signing ceremony.

MJSP will prepare the award certificates to be signed at the ceremony, along with a press release, which will be released by our office the day of the grant signing ceremony.

If your institution wishes to issue its own press release, we request that you do not do so before the day of the ceremony.

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