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Minnesota Job Skills Partnership

Through our Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership (MJSP) program we work strategically with businesses and educational institutions to train or retrain workers, expand work opportunities, and keep high-quality jobs in the state.

Training Grant Programs

We offer grants through a variety of programs to offset training-related expenses incurred by business, industry and educational institutions to meet current and future workforce needs.

Application Process

Business owners, industry representatives, and educational institutions that want to apply for MJSP grants to develop training programs to meet current and future workforce needs can find all the details here.

Funded Projects and Grant Management

Here you'll find detailed information about training projects that have received funding through the MJSP program.

MJSP Board

The Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership Board evaluates grant applications for all MJSP training programs and makes grant awards to partnering businesses and educational institutions.

Data and Reports

Here you'll find a variety of reports, fact sheets and documents related to the work of the MJSP program.


Reach out to the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership program.

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