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Results at a Glance

Here's what's new with the Employer Satisfaction Survey, for employers served October 2015 - September 2016:

  • Current results are for a 12-month period of using an updated questionnaire, which includes a Business Services module.
  • On the 0-100 scale of the Minnesota Customer Satisfaction Index (MnCSI), employers posting job orders (for the state sample) and employers receiving business services reported satisfaction numbers with MnCSI scores of 71.1 and 74.0.
  • 84 percent of the employers surveyed posted their job orders on MinnesotaWorks.net on their own. 55 percent of employers that we surveyed that posted job orders, filled their last position they posted on MinnesotaWorks.net or the WorkForce Center.
  • 21 percent of the employers surveyed, who posted job orders on MinnesotaWorks.net, filled the position with an applicant from MinnesotaWorks.net.
  • 15 percent of the employers who had placed a job posting felt they had the right number of applicants as a result of their posting. (78 percent reported too few applicants, while only 1 percent felt they received too many.)
  • 98 percent of respondents said they would definitely or probably recommend a colleague to post with Minnesota's Job Bank/WorkForce Center the next time they had an opening.
  • 99 percent of employers surveyed that received business services were very satisfied or satisfied that the representative understood their business needs and/or concerns.
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