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DEED Accomplishments

2016 Accomplishments

In 2016, one of DEED's main goals was a focused effort on equity. DEED has awarded grants to organizations throughout the state to offer programs such as career pathways and entrepreneurship in targeted communities. The year also saw great success for our economic development efforts.

View the 2016 DEED Accomplishments report.

2015 Accomplishments

In 2015, DEED announced a focused effort on diversity and inclusion. An outgrowth of that effort is our new Office of Career and Business Opportunity, which will focus on supporting people of color and breaking down barriers to employment and business opportunities. The year also saw important gains in our ongoing work to implement accessible practices agency-wide to address the needs of people with disabilities.

View the 2015 DEED Accomplishments report.

2014 Accomplishments

In 2014, DEED announced a focused effort to drive three pillars key to Minnesota’s future economic growth – Talent, Innovation and Trade. Since then, DEED’s efforts to strengthen these pillars have made tremendous headway.

Our efforts are working: We are growing the state’s economic environment through these pillars.

View the 2014 DEED Accomplishments report.

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