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Community Reviewers


We believe a more inclusive process can help us make funding decisions that will better support our commitment to reducing employment disparities in Minnesota. We’re looking for community reviewers with lived experience tied to DEED’s competitive grants. We’re also looking for reviewers who are aware of current challenges that job seekers face – people with this experience bring an important voice to the table in our decision-making. DEED has recruited community reviewers for our employment and training grants including P2P, Career Pathways, small business, etc. before, and we are excited to again leverage community members’ experience and perspectives in the process.

In addition to having important personal experience, prospective community reviewers should have an interest in workforce development, as well as experience in grantmaking, financial/lending/Community Development Financial Institution (CDFIs), education, training, workforce, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), education and/or a related area. DEED also requires community reviewers to participate in a short online training session.

We are seeking individuals with diverse community backgrounds, subject matter expertise and an interest in community advancement. We ask that community reviewers be able to dedicate 20-40 hours to read grant proposals over the course of 2-3 weeks. Grant reviewers will read approximately 6-12 proposals during September and/or October. Proposals are generally 12-15 pages in length, with additional supporting and budget documents that need to be reviewed.

DEED will provide a small stipend to community reviewers who meet eligibility requirements, complete training and review proposals on time, and complete the required process to receive payments. Community reviewers are also invited to complete an online post-review survey to share feedback on the process and improve future processes.

Ready to apply as a community reviewer?

Please complete this short online application form to let us know you're interested. But act fast! The application will close on Tuesday, August 15 at 4:30 p.m.

View the recording of the 2023 Community Engagement Sessions: DEED's Upcoming Workforce Grant Opportunities.

Have more questions?

Review the recorded Community Reviewer Webinar.

Reviewer training sessions (all contain the same information) are slated for August 17, August 23, August 31 and October 17 for individuals selected to serve as community reviewers.

Please share this opportunity with your friends and networks. We need your help finding community members who want to get involved! If you have questions, email

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