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Family mentors

DHS supports the Deaf Mentor Family Program offered through Lifetrack Resources. The Deaf Mentor Family program helps families learn American Sign Language and other visual communication strategies as well as Deaf culture. Mentors are qualified, skilled communicators and teachers. They enjoy working with families and children, and support families’ decisions about the best tools and supports for their child. The program lets you plan time with your mentor that fits your family’s schedule. And for many busy families, the best part of the Deaf Mentor Family Program is that Deaf Mentors come to your home. 

More information is available from Lifetrack Resources

Minnesota Hands & Voices

A wealth of information and community connections are also available through Minnesota Hands & Voices

Parent guides are parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. They can connect you to other parents and resources where you live. 

Minnesota Hands & Voices is also offering a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide program, where parents and children can connect with adults who are Deaf and hard of hearing. 

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