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Phone access for people who are deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing or have hearing loss

If you are deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing or have hearing loss, and have difficulty using a traditional telephone, the Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program can help. The TED Program can provide adaptive devices and accessories that make it easier to use the phone. 

The TED Program can also help you connect with other services, including:

  • Help with completing applications for discounted phone service through programs such as Lifeline or the Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP). You can learn more about Lifeline and TAP on the Minnesota Department of Commerce's Phone Discounts webpage.
  • Help with completing applications for discounted internet service.
  • Referrals to learn more about other helpful assistive technology.


If you qualify, you can receive devices that make using the phone easier. Devices the TED Program provides to people who have hearing loss include the following:

  • Amplified answering machines
  • Amplified cellular phones
  • Amplified neckloop streamers
  • Amplified phones (corded or cordless) with speakerphone feature 
  • Bluetooth wireless devices and accessories
  • Captioned telephones
  • Ring signaling devices

Plus these NEW interconnectivity devices

  • Artone 3 Max neckloop: a powerful device that streams calls from the phone directly to both hearing aids.
  • ClearSounds Pro neckloop: makes speech more audible; calls go through the neckloop directly to the hearing aids for a clearer listening experience.
  • Other specific streamers for people who wear hearing aid(s) with a telecoil are also available.
  • Bluetooth headset: use with a smartphone or flip phone to get the best sound without interference from background noise.
  • Telecommunications apps can also be provided for you to use on your own smartphone or tablet.

You can learn more about these devices on the Telephone devices page.

View eligibility requirements and download an application

Don’t qualify? Find out where you can purchase these devices:

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