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Voting Accessibility


  • Released videos explaining what Precinct Caucuses are and what Primary Elections are in American Sign Language (ASL) with English voiceover and with captions.
  • Hosted "Voting Night with Peers" which was filmed live by the St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) and broadcasted on live TV.


  • Hosted 17 successful voter outreach activities all over Minnesota with 5 Deaf contractors to provide the workshops. During the workshops, we showed people how to look up their ballot on the Secretary of State's website and also register to vote. We reached nearly 400 people. 85% of those who completed workshop evaluations said they felt more confident after the workshop.
  • Released 14 new voter education videos. Topics include voter eligibility, registration, voting early, and voting on Election Day. Collaborated with 2 Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDIs), the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office, and ZenMation. The videos are available on MNCDHH's voting page, DeafMN, and MNCDHH's YouTube account.
  • Created a special video that provided the language of the Constitutional Amendment that was on the Minnesota ballot in 2016. 


  • Hosted 15 successful voter outreach activities. All (100%) participants responded that they were more likely to vote as a result of our workshops.


  • Collaborated with the Secretary of State and created a four-part online course on voting resources called Minnesota Votes: Introduction to Voting Video Series.
  • Collaborated with the Secretary of State’s office and provided voter rights workshops with the Minnesota DeafBlind Association and a separate one with the Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens.
  • Provided rides to the polls and coverage of the cost of Support Service Providers for DeafBlind Vote Ride
  • Provided six voter rights workshops in six schools, Metro Deaf School, Adult Basic Education (2 locations), Humboldt Senior High, Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf and Metro Deaf School.
  • Nonpartisan information about the 2 constitutional amendments was provided in American Sign Language.


  • Monitor compliance with legislation that requires that candidates who receive Campaign Finance Funds caption their online and TV ads. Offer technical assistance on how to add caption online and provide information about resources for TV captioning to candidates.


  • Developed an online course in American Sign Language called “Making Your Case” that teaches people how to advocate on a state, local and national level on policy issues. 


  • Passed legislation that allowed people with hearing loss to write to central party headquarters to requests accommodations when they attend precinct caucuses. Party headquarters have paid staff and can follow up quickly with the request. The original law required deaf people to send a certified letter to the local contact person for their political party at least 30 days before the precinct caucus date. The new law removed the barriers from the old law and made being civically engaged at precinct caucuses more accessible to our community members. 
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