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Legacy Information


  • Applied for and obtained National Historic Register status (external link) for Charles Thompson Memorial Hall (external link), the first building in the United States specifically designed as a meeting place for people who are deaf by Olaf Hanson (external link), an architect who was deaf. The building is a national treasure and is still used every day by the community.
  • Archived historic photos and documents with the Minnesota Digital Library in collaboration with Charles Thompson Memorial Hall, the Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens, and the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf Alumni Association Museum to record and make accessible the vibrant lives and celebrated accomplishments of the deaf community.


  • Produced and made accessible 54 interviews with deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind leaders in collaboration with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Metro Division (DHHSD) of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Digiterp Communications, the Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens (MADC), the Minnesota Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (MRID), and the St. Paul Neighborhood Network. 
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