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Health Care


  • Hosted an online webinar, Coronavirus: Vaccination and Resilience" with Dr. Jolene A. Ogunjirin, a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) and founding director of Diversity Health, Education & Outreach (DHEO, LLC) based in Northern Virginia.


  • Won passage of optional training for staff at assisted living facilities about age-related hearing loss and have it count towards their training requirements.


  • Production of a documentary about age-related hearing loss, Hearing Loss Matters, which features the latest medical research and interviews with experts and everyday Minnesotans living with it. 
  • Created a special Hearing Loss Matters website to provide viewers of the film, Hearing Loss Matters, with additional resources about age-related hearing loss.


  • The Age-Related Hearing Loss (ARHL) Task Force was launched.
  • Negotiated to be part of a pilot study with Johns Hopkins University on age-related hearing loss.


  • Passage of the bill that requires Newborn Hearing Screening test results to be saved instead of destroyed.
  • Passage of a bill that continues the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Advisory Committee to be continued until 2016.


  • Passage of a bill that provides MA coverage for out of state treatment for children who are deaf and use American Sign Language in treatment centers that provide services in American Sign Language.
  • Production of an online education video series that explains to deaf patients their right to interpreters at clinics and hospitals. (The Disability Law Center has 5 to 6 lawsuits going against clinics or hospitals during a year. This online course teaches people what their rights are and where to go for help when they are denied access. 
  • Submitted public comments and testified before the Health Care Reform Committee on the impact of hearing loss on the health care delivery system. Collaborated with the Citizens League in two deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing health care forums.


  • Production of  ECHO program with MDH for TPT and posted online in collaboration with MDH on Early Hearing Detection and Intervention to families in Hmong, Spanish, Somali and ASL and of HIN1 Videos with the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Series of H1N1 Education Videos in American Sign Language. 


  • Provided technical Assistance to Deaf Community Health Workers obtain a Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Award and grant.
  • Initiated with the Minnesota Department of Commerce the Interpreter Services for Patients in Medical and Dental Settings and participated in the development of the findings to increase patient access to spoken and sign language interpreters.


  • Passage of Newborn Hearing Screening Mandate, Deaf Mentors, Parent Guides, Hearing Aid Loaner Bank, establishing a statutory of Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee (we continue to be active members of the advisory committee).


  • Increased funds for Support Service Providers and Interveners for children and adults who are deafblind. Interveners and Support Service Providers are to deafblind people, what Annie Sullivan was to Helen Keller.
  • Strengthened consumer protections for purchasers of hearing aids.


  • Passage of Hearing Aid Insurance mandate for children birth to 18.
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