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MNCDHH Supports 3 Community Events this Fall


11/9/2017 3:31:03 PM

A row of three logos. The far left is for MADC, the middle is for MDBA, and the far right is for HLAA - TC.

The Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing Minnesotans strongly believes in communication access and equal opportunity for all. As our budget allows, we find ways to support building the capacity of individuals in our community as well as private, nonprofit organizations. We typically provide support in three ways:

  • Real-time captioning (CART)
  • Sign language interpreters 
  • Scholarships to attend an event

Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens (MADC) 2017 Biennial Conference 

MADC's 62nd biennial conference occurred on October 20-21, 2017 in St. Paul. MNCDHH provided 6 scholarships for individuals who wanted to attend the conference but could not attend due to finances.

Migdalia Rogers was one of the 6 individuals who received a scholarship to attend MADC. She shared her thoughts about her experience,

"I have never been to this conference so Jessalyn encouraged me to attend so I have an idea. To be honest,  I am so thankful that I attended that conference because as a person of color, I need to know what's going on in our deaf community and how that affected me in life. I was amazed at the awesome workshops MADC offered at the conference. I learned so much and I felt that it was very educational and beneficial for myself and our community. It was my duty to share my thoughts on the bylaws and the votes. I felt it was very important for me to participate on the votes so that we can get a better outcome on those new board members who will serve us better in our community. I really encourage everyone, especially people of color, to attend and be a voice in any concerns they have." ~ Migdalia Rogers, member, MADC

MADC published a great wrap up about their recent conference. Be sure to read it! 

Minnesota DeafBlind Association's (MDBA) Thanksgiving Banquet

MDBA's 38th Annual Thanksgiving Banquet will happen this Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 4-9 PM in Minneapolis, MN. This event is one of the biggest gatherings for the DeafBlind community in Minnesota and the community looks forward to it all year. Likewise, MNCDHH is proud to contribute interpreting services as well as attend this event every year. 

MDBA president, Debbie Lentz, explains why the Thanksgiving Banquet is so important to the community, 

"Isolation is one of the biggest problems facing deafblind individuals. This event brings everyone together, with interpreters, for an evening of socialization, communication, and fun. This is also a fundraiser for MDBA to provide workshops and other social events for deafblind Minnesotans." ~ Debbie Lentz, president, MDBA

Learn more about the DeafBlind Thanksgiving Banquet!

Hearing Loss Association of America, Twin Cities Chapter (HLAA-TC) Fall Conference

HLAA-TC is hosting a free conference, Living Well with Hearing Loss, on Saturday, November 18, 2017 in St. Louis Park, MN. You will be able to meet with vendors and enjoy free refreshments. MNCDHH is contributing CART (captioning) services at this event.

Marie Saliterman, HLAA-TC treasurer, explains the benefits of attending the conference,

"The HLAA meetings educate people with hearing loss how to advocate for themselves and problem solve everyday issues that come up with hearing loss in their personal and professional lives, how to communicate better, and take care of health issues that arise from hearing loss." ~ Marie Saliterman, treasurer, HLAA-TC 

Learn more about the Living Well with Hearing Loss conference!


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