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Check Your Registration Transcript

Descriptive transcript

[Opening with the State of Minnesota seal in the background. ASL narrator Sarah Houge appears, with the following words visible on the screen, “Check Your Registration. Produced by the Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing. Sarah begins to sign, the CC begins and the voiceover begins.]

[Background: Minnesota Voter Registration Application]

If you’ve moved in the past few years or recently updated your voter registration, it’s always good to double-check that you’re registered where you currently live. 

[The following text briefly appears: Update your voter registration with any name or address changes.]

State law requires that you update your voter registration if you change your name as well as every time you move, even if it’s just from one apartment to another in the same building.

[Visual of a woman filling out paperwork.]

Checking your registration online is easy and takes just a few minutes. If you don’t have a computer or Internet access, contact your county elections office.

[Background: Minnesota Votes website. An arrow demonstrates the navigation to checking your registration.]

To check on your voter registration, go to the Minnesota Votes website. Look for how to check on your voter registration. It should be easy to find. 

Once you find the right page, type in your first and last name.

Then enter your date of birth by choosing your month, day and year of birth from the drop down menu.

Finally, either: 

• Enter either your zip code and click on “Continue” or

• Choose the county that you live in and click on “Continue.” Then choose the city that you live in from the dropdown menu.  Click “Continue” again.

On the second screen, type in your house number then select the name of your street from the drop down menu.  If your address includes an apartment or unit number, include that in the box.

Click on “Find Registration.”

The third screen will confirm your registration and provide information about the next election and the location of your polling place.

Or it will tell you that your voter registration could not be found.  If you updated your registration in the last few days, it may not have been processed yet.  

[Text appears briefly on the screen: If your registration could not be found, check back in a few days.]

Wait another couple of days and check again.  

[Text appears briefly on the screen: If you still cannot find your registration, contact your county or simply re-register.]

If this isn’t the case, you can either call your county election office to find out what’s going on or simply re-register to vote at your current address.  Watch a video to learn more about this.

For more information, go to the Minnesota Votes website. 

[MNCDHH logo is shown. Video ends.]

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