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Katy Kelley-Rademacher

Director of Business Operations

At MNCDHH, Katy is responsible for ensuring that internal operations and board relations run smoothly. Additionally, she has oversight over our programming and administrative work. Katy utilizes her life experiences as a Deaf woman as her strength in systems navigation. Ever the person who raises the bar, Katy focuses on continuous improvements for our internal operations.

In her work experience, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of the deaf, deafblind and blind communities. She has a B.A. in Family and Community Development from the Metropolitan State University and M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling with a focus on deafness from Western Oregon University, as well as graduate certification in deafblind rehabilitation. She recently obtained an Organizational Development certificate from the University of Minnesota. 

In her free time, she hangs out with her Deaf husband and two Deaf children. She is a big dog lover – she currently has two big dogs (Husky/Golden Retriever mix and Border Collie/Lab mix) and a tiny dachshund dog. Katy and her family love to be at the cabin and Chicago for vacations.

Katy is wearing a white shirt with flower pattern and black pants. She is smiling. Behind her is a tree and the State Office Building.
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