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Anna Paulson

Director of Educational Advancement & Partnerships

Anna, M.Ed, was an instructor and Senior Teaching Specialist at the University of Minnesota for over 18 years. She specifically taught emerging teachers on the topics of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education and Early Childhood Special Education. She is a licensed teacher in the areas of Elementary Education and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education. Prior to this, Anna was the Part C Coordinator during the inception years in Michigan and has years of general and special education teaching experience.

Through her work at the Commission, Anna serves on the board of

  • Deaf Mentor Family Program Advisory Board
  • Deaf-Hard of Hearing Role Model Program Advisory Board
  • Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Board
  • University of Minnesota D/HH Teacher Prep Program Stakeholder Board
  • MN Hands & Voices Advisory Board
  • Council of Exceptional Children - Division on Deafness (Board Chair)
  • National Deaf Center - Minnesota Representative

Anna also attends the following board meetings as an observer

  • Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) D/HH Advisory Board
  • MDE D/HH Community of Practice
  • Minnesota State Academies
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