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Sara Noble

Education Consultant

Sara Noble consults with writing, advocacy, and social skill development within education statewide. Sara earned her B.S. in Sociology with an emphasis on educational aspirations and attainment among minorities groups. She earned her M.Ed in Educational Psychology and Human Development with a grant focused on multi-cultural families within Deaf /Hard of Hearing education from the University of MN.  

She is currently in her 29th year of working in special education and her 18th year teaching Deaf/Hard of Hearing students for Minneapolis Public  Schools. She co-authored the MN Social Skill Checklist and has presented on that topic over the past 12 yrs. She is an intuitive and passionate teacher who strives to support and coach DHH students through developing personalized instruction. She also enjoys her work as a life coach. 

"I believe in engaging and teaching Deaf/Hard of Hearing students self-awareness and social skills to build a foundation and prepare students to go out into the world with meaningful life skills. This includes teaching students how to best represent themselves as they enter into the community" ~ Sara Noble 

Sara is wearing a pink jacket and black skirt. She is smiling. Behind her is a tree and the State Office Building.
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