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Mai Vue

Outreach & Civic Engagement Specialist

Mai received her Associate’s degree in Office Technology from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID/RIT) in 2001, and in 2014 received an Associate’s degree in Education from the Minneapolis Community Technical College (MCTC). Mai is involved in the deaf community and has volunteered in many community events. Currently, Mai works at ThinkSelf as a deaf teacher teaching deaf adult students. In the past, she has accompanied her adult deaf/hard of hearing adult students to Lobby Day at the Capitol.

“I love helping people in need because I have a desire to ensure their needs are met and empower them to become independent in their lives. The reason I am working with MNCDHH is that it is my passion to help others. I believe that people can succeed by breaking down communication barriers, as well as other barriers. I'm a fighter, and I strongly believe seeing others without judgment and seeing the good in them. That's why I feel suitable working with MNCDHH.” ~ Mai Vue

Mai is wearing a white shirt and dark pants. Behind her are the State Office Building and trees. She is smiling.
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