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Fardowsa Ali

Outreach & Civic Engagement Specialist

Fardowsa first started to become involved with the voting process in 2016. She is especially interested in working with immigrants and Minnesota's Deaf Muslim community. Fardowsa was born in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. When war came to her country, Fardowsa's family fled. Her brother picked her up in a boat and brought her to Mombasa, Kenya. After staying in a refugee camp, Fardowsa immigrated to Minnesota where her sister lived. She arrived in December and was greeted by Minnesota's snow and ice. Fardowsa is a founder of the Minnesota Deaf Muslims Community (MDMC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit. MDMC advocates for and provides communication access and learning opportunities for immigrants who are deaf as well as deaf community members with additional disabilities. MDMC serves individuals using different languages such as spoken and signed Arabic, spoken and signed Somali, American Sign Language (ASL) and English and need additional support. Fardowsa strongly believes that our community should embrace diversity and be inclusive for all people. United we are stronger.

"I believe working with MNCDHH is important. It is important to lobby and explain our community to legislators so that they understand our community. I also work with immigrants and the Commission so that we learn about each other and work together." ~ Fardowsa Ali

Fardowsa is wearing a red-patterned hijab, a dark shirt and tan jacket. She is smiling. In the background is a tree and the State Office Building.
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