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Elizabeth Brenes

Outreach & Civic Engagement Specialist

Elizabeth Marie Brenes Nava grew up in St. Paul, MN and graduated from St. Paul College with a degree in Communication Studies. 

Elizabeth is an active member of Asian organizations and adoption communities. For example, she was one of the original members of Asian Signers, a nonprofit dedicated to the recognition of diverse Asian representation within the signing community. In the past, she is participated in Asian Signers’ fundraising team. Additionally, Elizabeth is a member of the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL). Most recently, she served on their event planning committee. In the past, Elizabeth volunteered with the Asian American Organization Project (AAOP) as a volunteer doorknocker to encourage residents to vote. The Highland District Council is a community organization representing residents of Highland Park. Elizabeth was an at-large alternate director. They work on improving the physical, social, and economical structure so their neighborhood. 

 “It is an opportunity for me to work with the Commission to open my eyes to new experiences.” – Elizabeth Brenes

Liz, an Asian woman with pulled back hair, smiling and standing inside the Minnesota State Capitol
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