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Rosanne Kath

West Central Representative

Rosanne Kath is the representative for the West Central Minnesota area.  She and her husband, Brian, are the parents of four children.  Their third child, Heidi, was born with bilateral sensory neural hearing loss and has worn hearing aids since the age of five months.  Today Heidi is a thriving eleven-year-old.  Rosanne feels strongly that it is because Heidi was caught at an early age as well as receiving services from her Teacher for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, her educational audiologist, speech teacher, interpreters, as well as being a part of the Deaf Mentor Program, which together have helped Heidi succeed in school as well as socially.  Rosanne has been a member of the West Central Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advisory Committee since 2008 and has learned so much from the members of the committee.  Rosanne regularly volunteers in her children's classrooms as well as in her local 4-H Club and in her church.

"I am honored to be serving on the commission to help give a voice to the concerns that the Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing residents have in West Central Minnesota.  As a mom of a hard of hearing child, I see how the laws that are made today affect the opportunities of adults and especially our youth who are our future." ~ Rosanne Kath

Rosanne is wearing a blue shirt and gray pants. She is facing the camera and smiling. Behind her is the State Office Building and trees.
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