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Christine Morgan

Metro Advisory Council Representative

Christine Morgan has adult-onset hearing loss due to an auto-immune disease and wears two cochlear implants. She received her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota and worked for 30 years managing various medical groups first in New Jersey, and since the early 1980s, in Minnesota.

In 2011, Christine “retired” from administration due to her progressive hearing loss. She would then put all her focus and efforts on advocating for people with hearing loss. Christine is the President of the Hearing Loss Association of America – Twin Cities Chapter and a certified Hearing Loss Support Specialist. She also sits on several Advisory Committees related to hearing loss in the Twin Cities. Christine is a hearing loss coach for people with hearing loss and a trainer for both businesses and communication partners to assist them in improving communication with people with hearing loss. Christine also owns and teaches at Balanced Life Tai Chi with her husband, Lionel (also a Hearing Loss Specialist and Certified Tai Chi Instructor).

“I am excited to have a position on the Commission. I encounter so many people with hearing loss who aren’t aware that there are resources and support available to them. Many suffer in silence and lead less than full lives. I also advocate with live theater and other venues to be sure that they offer appropriate equipment and services to those with hearing loss. We (HLAA-TC) try to get the word out and to reach as many people as we can but the need is great and alone one organization cannot reach all those in need. Combining our efforts is vital!” ~ Christine Morgan

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